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Action City Fun Center & Trampoline Park

Family Fun Center located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Action City Fun Center & Trampoline Attractions

Where the Fun Never Stops!

Outdoor Zipline

  • 48" or taller to ride alone

  • 42" or taller to ride with someone who is at least 48" tall

  • Max weight not to exceed 450 lbs.

Do you have a family of thrill seekers and are looking for something to do in Eau Claire? Our zipline is the ride for you. The Soaring Eagle will take you in reverse 700 feet as you take in a bird's eye view of the Metropolis Resort, Action City, and the south side of Eau Claire. At 130 feet high you will soar back down to the ground over our mini golf course. Open 11am-7pm during Action City regular business hours.


Closed for the season

Outdoor Go-Karts

  • 56" or taller to drive a single kart

  • 40" or taller with upper body control to ride with an adult who is at least 16 years old with a valid drivers license

Looking for something the whole family can enjoy this summer? Come check out the outdoor go-karts at Action City. Race your family and friends around a twisting and looping track to see who comes in first. The outdoor track is home to both single and double karts. Remember to drive, all requirements must be met. Our large outdoor go-kart track will open at 11am and go until 7pm during regular business hours.

$6.50/Single Kart Ride

$7/Double Kart Ride

Closed for the season

Outdoor Mini Golf

  • Welcome for all heights

Putt your way to victory on our 19-hole mini golf course with family and friends. The course features beautiful landscaping, a water tower, slanting and sloping holes, and water holes. If you are looking for something to do in the summer months mini golf is a perfect family activity.


Indoor Go-Karts

  • 54" or taller to drive

  • 40" or taller to ride with an adult

  • Valid driver's license to drive double go-karts

Are you a fan of high-octane racing and good old-fashioned competition? Then indoor go-karts are the attraction for you. Race through twists and turns against other racers for the chance at first place. Once the race is complete, check your car's number against the leaderboard to see how you did.

Our indoor go-karts have both single and double electric cars allowing the whole family to get in on the action.

$6.50/Single Kart Ride

$7/Double Kart Ride

Bumper Cars

  • 44" or taller to drive

  • Closed shoes required

  • No loose articles allowed in arena

Buckle up and watch out for crazy drivers, it’s going to be a bumpy ride! Get behind the wheel of one of these classic bumper cars and actually enjoy some bumper-to-bumper traffic. Drivers enjoy chasing, spinning and bumping friends and family alike at Action City's indoor Bumper Cars.


Mini Bowling

  • Welcome for all heights

Four lanes of BIG FUN in this smaller version of a classic game. No dorky shoes required! A perfect way for children of all ages to enjoy the game of bowling without the 14 pound balls.


Laser Tag

  • Welcome for all heights

Battle your friends and family in Action City's Laser Tag arena. Practice your sharpshooter skills by choosing a team and taking down the enemy. The battle arena is a world of obstacles glowing from black light.


Laser Maze

  • Welcome for all heights

Do you have what it takes to make your way through glowing laser beams without touching them? The faster you can get through the better; if you do touch a beam time is added to your score.

Tired of safely navigating the array of beams? Next time around check out the Beam Breaker mode. Knock out beams as fast as you can in the given time.


$7/Co-op Game

Non-Ticket Arcade Games

  • Welcome for all heights

Our non-ticketed arcade games offer a variety of different ways to play. From your classic arcade games to newer games we have it all!

Any non-ticketed arcade game can be played unlimited times on our blue swipers with our Play or Combo Pass.

Prices Vary

Indoor Playground

  • Grip socks required

Burn some energy while having fun with the kids at Action City's indoor playground. The playground is a multilevel tower of challenges suited to any ages. It includes slides, moving platforms, swings, balance beam, bridges, and tunnels.

$4/Person All Day

Open Jump Court

  • Grip socks required

Looking for something to entertain the kids no matter the weather? Come down to Action City to enjoy our open jump court. The open jump trampoline court houses 45 individual trampolines for jumpers to flip or jump over.

Dodgeball Trampolines

  • Grip socks required

Who didn't love playing dodgeball at school recess? Relive the best times in school with your whole family at Action City's trampoline dodgeball court. The added element of jumping around our dodgeball courts makes it even more challenging and fun, for everyone! Our dodgeballs are soft, coated foam balls that are easy to grasp in tiny hands and gentle on the jumpers.

Ninja Warrior Courses

  • Grip socks required

Stop by the trampoline park in Action City and check out our one-of-a-kind obstacle courses and try your hand at finishing all the fun and challenging activities. Our ninja warrior courses feature monkey bars, rope climb, swinging balance bars, rings, and many more challenges ranging from easy for kids to the true test of one's upper body strength.

Airbag Stunt Jump

  • Grip socks required

Our airbag stunt jump allows jumpers to flip or jump off of trampolines into a large airbag and feel just like a stunt performer. The airbag stunt jump features four individual trampolines and one airbag which alleviates wait times.


  • Grip socks required

The jousting challenge features a padded beam that spans over an airbag. While maintaining your balance, try to drive your opponent off the beam into the airbag with your padded jousting stick.

Fidget Ladder

  • Grip socks required

Find yourself needing a challenge? The fidget ladder is perfect for you. A rope ladder swings over a large airbag while rotating on two points. Be careful though, any sudden movements could lead to the ladder flipping over. Getting to the top is harder than it looks. Are you up to the task?

Slam Dunk Basketball

  • Grip socks required

Reach the height of your dunking career on one of our four slam dunk trampoline courts! At Action City we think everyone should feel like the king of the basketball court. Basketball hoops are set at various heights to help everyone feel big on the court.

Virtual Reality

  • Welcome for all heights

Live in a world of fantasy by exploring the different worlds inside of virtual reality. Including Angry Birds, Captain Cook, Cold Clash, Das Boot, Groove Guardians, Rig Rebels, and more!


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Kids eating a gorilla pizza in Action City

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Michelle V.


I brought my 13-year-old grandson and his friend to Action City for my grandson's birthday. We happened to go on a Wednesday and they had a 3 hour combo pass for Action City and the jump park combined for $27. The pass included bumper cars, indoor go karts, VR, laser tag, the jump park, and all non-ticket arcade games. We got pizza for lunch and it was surprisingly good, not outrageously priced. The staff was helpful.

Marcie W.

Bush Brothers & Co.


I do appreciate everything your crew did.  The feedback I got was that everyone had an amazing time! 

J. Y.


Everyone will love the family-friendly environment this place has! It's safe enough for everyone to enjoy! I noticed the life guards and staff on duty were always making sure everyone was safe and having a great time. During our time there, we had 2 staff come and ask us if we needed anything else throughout the day. Great service!

Richard C.



Our event was enjoyed by all. The Metropolis team was friendly and helpful, and I wanted to say thank you for providing an evening of fun for us. Thank you also for all the work you put in to organizing this … It’s very much appreciated and I’m looking forward to hosting further events at Metropolis!