At the Metropolis Resort, we do things differently. We believe that it’s not only our job to provide you with a nice clean hotel room with some swimming and a few go-kart rides, but more importantly, how you feel.

This is why we create experiences.

Unique experiences. Memorable experiences. Memories that last. Because we believe it’s all about you.

Our Team

Sara Abbott

Resort General Manager

Sara Abbott, Resort General Manager at Metropolis Resort

Evie Dreger

Action City General Manager

Evie Dreger, Action City General Manager at Metropolis Resort

Samantha Holtz

Hotel General Manager

Samantha Holtz, Hotel General Manager at Metropolis Resort

Hannah Kinderman

Chaos General Manager

Hannah Kinderman, Chaos General Manager at Metropolis Resort

Billy Bandli

Resort Project Manager

Billy Bandli, Resort Project Manager at Metropolis Resort

Olivia Greenhow

Food & Beverage Manager

Olivia Greenhow, Food & Beverage Manager at Metropolis Resort

Allison Wing

Hiring Manager

Allison Wing, Hiring Manager at Metropolis Resort

Mariah Geisert

Director of Marketing

Mariah Geisert, Director of Marketing at Metropolis Resort

Kate Burhop

Creative Director

Kate Burhop, Creative Director at Metropolis Resort

Trevor Jost

Director of Purchasing & Receiving

Trevor ost, Director of Purchasing & Receiving at Metropolis Resort

Danie Hahn

Director of Business Development

Danie Hahn, Director of Business Development at Metropolis Resort

Brandon Dow

Maintenance Director

Brandon Dow, Maintenance Director at Metropolis Resort

John Swiatko

IT Director

John Swiatko, IT Director at Metropolis Resort

Alisha Staads


Alisha Stads, Accountant at Metropolis Resort
Kids eating a gorilla pizza in Action City

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