Eau Claire takes pride in being one of the safest communities in the United States. There is very little reason to be concerned about safety while visiting Metropolis Resort. Here is what we do to keep you and your family safe.

Resort Safety

  • Cameras monitoring each hallway, entrance and parking lot.

  • The parking lot is well lit and monitored with cameras.

  • The front desk is staffed 24 hours a day.

  • The facility is key access only after midnight.

Metropolis Resort is also proud to highlight the additional security and safety provided for your peace of mind while you enjoy your stay.

  • Alarms are regularly inspected and approved.

  • Americans with Disabilities Codes

  • Fire detectors in Public Areas.

  • Alarms in all areas. Our alarms are equipped with both blaring audio and bright strobe lights to alert guests who have difficulty hearing.

  • Auto link to fire station----The fire alarms are directly linked to the Eau Claire Fire Department for a quick response.

  • Auto recall elevators.

  • Automatically closing fire doors.

  • Sprinklers in all rooms and public areas.

  • Automated defibrillator located at the Resort front desk.

  • Self-closing doors.

  • Dead bolts on guest doors.

  • Electronic room key system.

  • Emergency evacuation drill. Maps are located in each room and throughout the resort.

  • Emergency lighting in the event of a power outage.

  • Exit key access at night.

  • First aid available in Action City, Hotel front desk, and Chaos Water Park.

  • Our staff is trained and Red Cross certified annually in CPR, First Aid, and AED usage.

  • The 3 main floors of the hotel have emergency exits to a staircase at each end. Both Action City and Chaos Water Park have emergency exits throughout.

  • View ports in all exterior doors.

  • Illuminated exit signs.

  • Illuminated walkways.

  • Window locks on all guest windows.

  • All windows can be opened from the inside.

Our lifeguards and Management staff each have the following certifications:

  • American Red Cross - Lifeguard Certified

  • American Red Cross - Water Park Lifeguard Certified

  • American Red Cross - CPR Certified

  • American Red Cross - First Aid Certified

  • American Red Cross - AED Certified

In addition, these steps are taken to ensure safety in the water park:

  • Constant updated and improved Emergency Action Plans.

  • Monthly training and practice of emergency response.

  • CODE ADAM - A swift lost child preparedness plan.

  • Life jackets available in the water park free of charge (based on availability).

  • Pool diapers are mandatory aGlobal - Birthday Clubnd provided with admission.

  • The Lazy River and hot tub are equipped with life-assist chairs.

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